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Semester Schedule

SEED classes are conducted on Friday. There are two semester periods. The fall semester is conducted for 10 weeks and begins in September. The winter Semester is conducted for 12 weeks and begins at the end of January. The schedule also includes two make-up days for inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

SEED requires that a parent or designated adult care giver remain on the premises at all times. Classes are taught by parents, extended family members, and other community members that wish to share their gifts and talents with our children. Parents that are not teaching are scheduled in a classroom as an assistant and must be prepared to replace the teacher in his or her absence.

Background Checks

To comply with SEED’s general liability insurance policy all adults (ages 18 years and older) assisting on Friday while SEED is in session, are required to have a background check conducted and passed. A family cannot send a designated adult in a parent’s place without a completed and passed background check.

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