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Parent Responsibility

Q. Do I have to stay at SEED the entire day?

A. Yes. SEED is not a drop-off co-op. For the community to be successful it takes many hands working together and requires an investment of your time and talents.

Q. Can my family leave the premises during lunch/recess?

A. Yes. There are several restaurants and retail establishments approximately 10 minutes from the facility. Occasionally a family will run an errand or pick-up lunch during the break. We do ask that you manage your time respectfully and return in time for 3rd Period.

Q. What responsibilities do I have while my children are in class?

A. Our teachers and assistants are volunteers therefore you will be assigned to a specific class each period. You will either be a teacher or an assistant. Depending on the number of classes, some teachers may also be assigned as an assistant when not teaching. The assistant is responsible for taking the teacher’s place in his or her absence and continuing with the lesson.

Q. Can I choose which classes I assist in?

A. We will certainly take your request and interest into consideration. We assign assistants based on educational background, previous experience, and hobbies/interests. Unfortunately, we may not be able to grant everyone’s requests. We also prefer to have an assistant follow the same teacher if there are multiple classes. For example, the teacher for creative writing has the same assistant for both B Level and C Level classes.

Q. What other responsibilities do I have in the co-op?

A. As good stewards of the facility, we are responsible for leaving the building in a clean and orderly condition. All families participate in a rotating cleaning schedule each semester to ensure the building is in proper condition before we leave on Friday.

You will also serve on one of the following community committees: fellowship, fundraising, and special events. The fellowship committee plans activities for all ages to foster relationships. We also coordinate meals for SEED families during times of need. SEED is a non-profit 501c3 organization. The fundraising committee seeks out opportunities to raise funds to support our educational environment and help keep our membership costs low. The special events committee is responsible for various semester activities including the Valentine’s Day party and year-end celebration.

Family Costs

Q. What is the family membership?

A. SEED does not charge tuition per class. The family membership is the cost of participating in SEED’s classes. It is calculated based on the number of children in your family that attend SEED, not individual classes. The family membership cost is per semester.

Q. What is the registration fee?

A. An annual registration fee is required during the fall enrollment. The fee covers administrative expenses.

Q. Are there other class costs not included in the family membership fee?

A. Some classes may have an additional student fee for supplies (i.e. biology lab, home economics etc.). Those student fees are stated in advance and required at the time of registration.
Classes may also require a specific curriculum text book, a workbook, and other specific supplies (i.e. watercolor paints, etc.). Required books and supplies are included in the class description. It is the family’s responsibility to purchase the required books and supplies prior to the first day of class. All students (Level A – Level D) are required to bring their own class materials such as writing utensils, notebook, highlighters, scissors, etc.

Q. Is a payment plan available?

A. Yes. The registration fee and student fees are required at the time of registration. The fall family membership fee is due by June 1st. Under special circumstances additional arrangements can be made, however the fall balance must be paid in full prior to the first day of class in September. The Winter family membership fee is due by November 31st. Non-payment prior to classes commencing may forfeit a family’s membership in SEED.


Q. Is there a specific curriculum program used at SEED?

A. The curriculum used in the classroom depends on the student level and class. Decisions regarding curriculum are made by the teacher in consultation with the Director and other Leadership Team members.

Q. If my child isn’t happy in a class, can they transfer to another class?

A. We understand that you may have selected a class for your child that is not a good fit. Requests for class transfers will be accepted up to the second class of the Fall semester, however class size will be taken into consideration.

Q. How do I know which student group classes I should enroll my child in?

A. Our classes are categorized by skills and capabilities, not necessarily grade. However, many children may fall within a general age category listed within our student groups. We believe this provides an opportunity for all children to succeed in the environment that is best for his or her development.

We will rely on your judgment for the placement of your children in a specific class. After the semester has started we reserve the right to move a child if we determine the child would be more successful in another class.

Q. Will I receive a high school transcript for the credit classes?

A. The teacher will provide a class syllabus at the beginning of the semester. The class syllabus along with the outlined curriculum, homework assignments, and labs if applicable can be used to create the high school transcript. As the parent, you are required to create your child’s class transcript.

Q. Will SEED distribute credits for the high school classes?

A. SEED is not responsible for ensuring a student receives a credit for the D Level high school class. It is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to determine whether the student’s work is credit worthy and to issue a credit for the class. Therefore, it is very important that you monitor your child’s homework assignments and ensure he or she is meeting the class requirements. You are also welcome to discuss any concerns or questions you have with the class teacher.

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