SEED Operational Committees

For the SEED community to be successful it takes many hands working together. There many operational activities that take place the day of classes and also outside of our Friday time together. 

Each family is required to have a minimum of one parent serving on a committee. Both moms and dads are welcome to get involved. Committee responsibilities are shared amongst the group and organized by the Committee Lead. Based on needs, some committees may have a member limit. Once the member limit is met, we would not accept new requests for that committee. 

• Curriculum Development – this team develops the class schedule.

Facility Cleaning – it is our responsibility to leave the building in a clean and orderly condition. 

Fellowship – fellowship activities for all ages, will be planned to foster relationships. 

Fundraising – this team will coordinate fundraising activities and pursue tax exempt non-profit opportunities. 

Special Events – this team is in charge of fun and fellowship in coordinating several activities during the school semester and outside of our normal Friday gathering.

Connect With Us Today

We would love the opportunity to talk to you about SEED and everything that is going on. Please feel free to contact us today for more information.